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Vacuum and ADR tanks and reservoirs

In its extensive product catalog, FB TANKS S.r.l. stands out for providing tanks designed specifically for transporting chemicals. These tanks are custom-designed, adapting to each customer’s specific needs, and are built in strict adherence to international transport safety regulations (ADR).

Our range of chemical transport tanks is available in both carbon steel and stainless steel variants, ensuring maximum flexibility and adaptability to different applications.

Safety is at the core of our commitment, and therefore the tanks are designed to collect hazardous materials, strictly adhering to the relevant ADR class specifications. FB TANKS S.r.l., offers a complete solution for the safe and reliable transportation of hazardous products belonging to the following ADR classes:

  • Class 3: flammable liquids;
  • Class 4.1: flammable solids;
  • Class 5.1: Oxidizing materials;
  • Class 6.1: Poisonous materials;
  • Class 6.2: Biohazard materials;
  • Class 8: Corrosive materials;
  • Class 9: Other hazardous materials.

FB TANKS S.r.l. - Design and Manufacture of Tanks and Tanks for Vacuum and ADR Transportation

We develop and manufacture tank and vacuum tank designs that comply with current international standards to ensure high quality standards. Our production features a wide range of products made of carbon steel and stainless steel, ideal for a variety of applications, including those for ADR transport.

In addition, we offer comprehensive technical support for the design and implementation of customized solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

Not only tanks and vacuum and ADR tanks.

Our engineering department excels in designing and implementing diverse projects, encompassing not only pressure vessels, but also special equipment for renewable energy, piping and coils, as well as solutions for special applications.

This wide range of expertise enables us to offer a variety of products, all meeting high international standards.

Our commitment goes beyond just manufacturing to include technical support to customize designs to our clients' specific needs, thus ensuring innovative and high-quality solutions.