FB TANKS’ technical staff provides all the resources and knowledge to carry out the design of new equipment and pressure systems, using the calculation codes recognized in international area through classical methods by formulas or the more modern approaches based on finite element analysis and dynamic analysis

Customized solutions for optimal performance

Our team of dedicated engineers works with you to design custom-made pressure and atmospheric tanks tailored to your specific needs. The utmost attention to detail and the use of advanced technologies ensure flawless designs that exceed expectations.

Excellence in tank manufacturing

Our production follows strict quality and safety standards, ensuring certified tanks that comply with international standards. High-quality materials and advanced processes ensure reliable and durable tanks for your applications.

International Compliance Guaranteed

We obtain and maintain certifications in accordance with international standards to ensure maximum safety and reliability of our products. Our dedication to global regulatory compliance is a commitment to your peace of mind.

Reliable deliveries on time

We handle efficient and safe worldwide shipments to deliver your tanks and heat exchangers on time. We work with reliable logistics partners to ensure smooth delivery to every destination.

Services typically provided include:

  • Pressure equipment and assemblies classification and marking according to the Directive 2014/68/EU(PED), TR/CU032 Russian Specifications or ASME U STAMP, SELO, recognized in more than 100 countries worldwide
  • The sizing of safety devices
  • The stability calculation of pressurized equipment
  • The stress analysis of industrial pipelines with static or dynamic calculation
  • thermal calculations for heat exchangers
  • nondestructive inspections and laboratory testing
  • The preparation of technical files complete with user manuals
  • The creation of workshop construction drawings, preliminary 3D layouts