Purchased the production activity shed for the construction of pressure tanks

The company FB TANKS S.r.l. , in the person of Paolo Vettori Sole Director of the company, announces the purchase of the warehouse in the industrial area of Porcia where for almost a decade has been established its production activity concerning the construction of pressure tanks for industry. This important step testifies to the company’s steady growth in the industry and its desire to invest for an increasingly promising future.

The warehouse purchased from FB TANKS is strategically located, easily accessible and well connected to major transportation routes. It is a well-equipped facility, ideal for meeting the company’s production needs and ensuring efficient and quality service to its customers.

The purchase of the warehouse represents a major breakthrough for the company, which will now be able to confirm and expand its production capacity and offer an increasingly wide range of products to its customers. FB TANKS plans to totally renovate the building, making it energy efficient and modern from a green perspective, as well as implement new state-of-the-art technologies within the facility in order to optimize welding production processes and ensure the highest quality of tanks.

Thanks to the helpfulness and cooperation of the owners, Deda brothers Petrit and Alex ( F.lli Deda S.r.l. ), it was possible to conclude the negotiation quickly and smoothly, thus ensuring a smooth and fast transition.

The transaction was successfully handled by Dr. Marco Venier (Studio Venier e Associati) together with the mediator Mr. peg. Claudio Fabbro (San Giorgio di Porcia Real Estate Agency) with the support of Dr. Paolo Sabot (Banca di Cividale).

This new acquisition confirms FB TANKS’ commitment to the industry and its willingness to constantly grow and innovate. Now the company will be able to consolidate its position in the market and offer increasingly competitive solutions to its customers.